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All submissions must be made en English.


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Submission of an article for the Proceedings

Manuscripts submitted for IFCS 2024 Proceedings should be prepared using the IFCS2024 Paper Template (DOWNLOAD HERE) that is provided. Note that a manuscript should be between 6 and 8 pages long, references included. Please read the instructions and follow the guidelines very carefully. Submissions not complying will not be considered. Do not include new user-defined Latex commands, nor any personal macros, as they would affect the global compilation.

Figures should be provided in pdf, eps or jpg.

For each submitted manuscript, a separate Abstract should be provided using the IFCS2024 Abstracts Template (DOWNLOAD HERE).

Please rename your files with the name of the first author.

Submissions should be made as a ZIP file, gathering:

  • Manuscript Latex file
  • Manuscript PDF
  • Manuscript figures
  • Abstract Latex file
  • Abstract PDF


Submission of an Abstract

(without submission of article to the Proceedings)

Single Abstracts submitted for IFCS 2024 should be prepared using the IFCS2024 Abstracts Template (DOWNLOAD HERE). Note that an Abstract should be maximum one page